Cool Cat Teacher Blog

The Cool Cat Teacher blog is written by Vicki Davis. She is an author of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time (Pearson) and is a full time teacher and IT director at her school. She uses her blog to write about personal development, teaching, leadership, productivity, and technology that works. Her goal is “to create inspirational, innovative content that you can use to stay motivated in your personal and professional life.”

I enjoyed reading her blog because its real. Its personal and she doesn’t sugarcoat the struggles she has in her profession. She is open and even writes about not feeling thanked by her students. She also includes important information about how to incorporate technology into successfully teaching students.  She clearly has a passion for both education and technology and she has helpful hints for marrying the two. I found her webpage and writing style to be easily understood by a novice like me. (I found some of the other blog layouts to be a bit overwhelming at first.) Cool Cat Teacher Blog is a very well rounded blog and I felt connected to her and her passion. I’m really a dog person myself- but this time, I’ll go with the cat lady.


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