My Learning Standard

This semester I plan to focus on Art/Visual Learning in the Kindergarten Classroom.

“The standards for kindergarten serve as building blocks for further visual arts instruction. The standards place emphasis on cognitive, affective, sensory, and motor development, using a problem-solving approach. Students will learn that art is a personal expression, has value, teaches about other times and places, and connects in important ways to other areas of learning. Students will understand that their works of art are unique and valuable as self-expressions.”
After teaching preschool for 8 years I have really come to appreciate the impact art has on young children and the foundational skills it teaches. Art and Visual Learning offers an opportunity to express and discuss thoughts, emotions, and experiences while also exploring the concepts of colors, patterns, sequences, and spacial relationships. I look forward to learning ways to incorporate technology into this learning standard.
Iphone 010

2 thoughts on “My Learning Standard

  1. This standard is new to me, so I look forward to learning more and seeing how you integrate technology into your lessons:)

  2. Yah for early childhood art! As a fellow preschool teacher, I completely agree on what a huge impact art has in education. I love creative art where I allow the children to take their imaginations to a higher level and create magic, so to speak. They love the independence! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂

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