My Journey into the Twittersphere

I have chosen twitter-now-valued-at-7-billion-report--26da93b8c5 as my Social Learning Site this semester. I chose twitter due to its concise format for quick information. I appreciate the 140 character limit because it doesn’t require sifting through a lot of information to get to the point. I have followed some educators, educational organizations, and I look forward to finding more valuable resources for curriculum and content ideas and information. Click on the photo below to follow me!



3 thoughts on “My Journey into the Twittersphere

  1. I’m doing the same with twitter. I completely agree that I like being able to get a snap shoot of what the article is before clicking on a link to it. Life’s already busy enough I want to be able to know whats the main point and look in deeper if its something that’s useful or interesting to me.

  2. I love the picture you chose for this. It is hilarious! I chose Twitter too. I had been a little apprehensive about using Twitter previously, but mainly it was because I didn’t see a need for it. Now that I better understand ways in which we can use it, I am more comfortable with the idea.

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