Math can make sense?

The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. – Albert Einstein Honestly, I chose this TedTalk because I need to take the College Math Clep and I do NOT like math. I was pretty good in high school, but in […]

Mind Map

  Above is my “mind map” for my lesson. I will be using a smart board, iPads, and a podcast type video. I’m sure parts of it may change, but this is what I am thinking for now!

Learning RedesignED

“As teaching and learning transforms, spaces must transform. Learning must be “redesignED” to motivate learners and foster collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Let’s discover ways to redesign space, technology, and pedagogy to promote success in our schools.”- Learning RedesignED I chose this podcast because I think the way you design the space in your […]

The Flipped Classroom

    The Flipped Classroom an Infographic Explanation When looking at the list of blogs to explore regarding flipped classrooms, I was drawn instantly to the word “infographic”. Despite hearing about flipped classrooms numerous times, I wouldn’t say I was completely comfortable with the concept. After heading over to Peter Pappas‘ blog I feel like […]