The Flipped Classroom




The Flipped Classroom an Infographic Explanation

When looking at the list of blogs to explore regarding flipped classrooms, I was drawn instantly to the word “infographic”. Despite hearing about flipped classrooms numerous times, I wouldn’t say I was completely comfortable with the concept. After heading over to Peter Pappas‘ blog I feel like I finally understand what it means and why so many educators are being drawn to this model. The visuals he created to explain the idea, what’s driving it, and what it looks like, got me excited about the idea. I was particularly interested in the impact that flipped classrooms had on failure rates and discipline problems. These are facts I would be interested in exploring deeper.

Now that I better understand this model, I feel comfortable saying I would support classroom flipping at the high school level. I think at this age students should expected to be responsible enough to take this important role in their education. In addition, I think sending high school students home with homework dealing with the application of concepts learned in class presents the challenge that parents may not even be able to assist. Lets be honest, I have seen the work I did in high school science or math, and I would not even remember where to start. Sending students home to complete homework on these topics can just leave them frustrated without anyone to guide them. Students who struggle at home with concepts may have already written off the lesson by the time they get back to class. These struggles can lead to children who turn their back on an entire subject because they just “cant”.  You can give your students a better chance of success and positive feelings towards learning if you can stop and assist them before they hit that “wall” with a subject. I think any younger than high school, this would not be as necessary or successful.

Flipping a classroom is definitely something that must be a community decision. The success of this idea requires parents, students, administrators, and teachers to fully support this process. Teachers have to be comfortable with the idea of giving up their traditional role and becoming a collaborator in the learning process.

I highly recommend his infophraphic explanation for anyone else confused by the idea of Flipping your Classroom!


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