A little about me!

Hi!! I am Jessica Quenet and currently working towards getting my Master’s Degree in Education at Marymount University. I have been living in the Washington, DC area since moving here to attend American University in 2000. I was out of school for 9 years before starting graduate school in May ’13- so I’m definitely a little rusty. When I was in junior high we took typing on a typewriter.. Yes, a typewriter. In high school we had computers but we only used them in science to make graphs (which I do not remember how to do). I’ve never done a PowerPoint. So yeah.. I am not very tech savvy at all. This blog is really new territory for me, so I appreciate you following me and commenting! I’m incredibly excited about this next chapter and learning as I go!


I am originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey– right on the beach. Its amazing growing up so close to the beach- though my NJ Shore has gotten some terrible press with that little MTV show.  I can assure you that its nothing like most people imagine. I have no idea how to “fist pump”, my skin is not that special NJ shade of orange, I know how to say dog and coffee properly (not dawg or cawfee), and my hair is relatively small. I am proud to be from New Jersey. Although, I plan to stay in Northern Virginia for good.


A little more about me… I’m OCD organized- my closet is organized by type, color, and length of sleeve. Nothing brightens my day like freshly laid carpet lines. I have a labeler and I definitely over use it. I love to play soccer. I play defense and I usually go for the ankles.. I mean the ball. I have 2 adorable dogs- Sophie and Bella. My dog Sophie has “lazy tongue syndrome”.. meaning shes SO lazy she cant even be bothered to keep her tongue in her mouth- even when its closed. She’s a real character. I love my friends and family but definitely don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. I love kids (probably because they are closer to my height than people my own age) and I’m so excited to become a teacher!


I guess that’s pretty much me in a nutshell!


Again, Thanks for following!



One thought on “A little about me!

  1. Wow…can you come over to my place and organize my closet?? Awesome “About Me” – I’ll think of you from now on when I see that “little” MTV show… 😉 Typewriters…? Really?? That’s hard to believe…I remember having the small square computers with the black screens and green letters in elementary school. Guess you’ve got me beat.

    Remind me to wear ankle guards when/if I ever play soccer with you…

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